Zody with icecream

Zody's old design

Zody is a member of the IMP and is also obsesed with ice cream. He was originally going to be an unpopular character of the team, but his obsession along with his great voice actor won the heart oif fans

In the first Xmas special, Mayleen fell in love with Zody, but Zody was mostly in love with ice cream. In episode 21, it turned out Mayleen was pregnant with Zody's child, and it turned out it was a girl, and her name was Brany. Brany's first words were "ice cream," a trait she got from Zody. 


Zody's not usually very bright and at times does tend to cower easily when fighting. He often panics easily as well, but he's loyal and faithful to the team usually. He also has a strong bond with his daughter Brany. As the series went on, he's become less afraid of his girlfriend Mayleen. Zody has a wild and wacky nature and can somtimes be very random and hyper. He's also shown to get quite emotional. 

Relationships with other membersEdit

Mayleen - Although he doesn't really show it. But since he now has a daughter, he's become a little more "responsible".

Meglif - May's sister Meglif's relationship with Zody does not go down well. Since Meglif lost her fiance at a party (due to Zody's clumsy mistake of avoiding Mayleen), she has despised him ever since. Meglif will often attempt to beat up Zody in return whenever he gets in her way. 

Appearance Edit

In the past episodes, Zody's appearance was closely based off Sonic's. As of episode 30, Zody's mouth is covered with fur, and his eyes have been separate from each other, explained in one of his comics, where he apparently shaved the eye into two separate eyes.

Weapons Edit

Despite rarely fighting, Zody wields the sword Drakar in battle, revealed in Episode 2. He doesn't remember how he got it, but he believes it relates to a turn-based battle against Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart and some random guy.


  • In Episode 0, Zody briefly has human arms as he eats a large ice cream, but it decides to eat them off in self defence. He then replaces them with robotics
    Zody and Brany

    Zody with his new daughter, Brany