About Santa ClausEdit

Santa Claus is one of the most reoccuring villains in IMP, and he tries to destroy IMP every Christmas episode, and the pilot. He appears as much as Blair and Bush does, as a villain.

Mathsman & ElvesEdit

The Mathsman is this guy with a red and blue mask that works for Santa, and is his second in command. He has an obsession with math (to a point where he says anything can be solved with math). The elves are Santa's helpers, and most of the time, they either get killed by the IMP, or by Santa himself. Out of all the characters that are killed in the series, the elves are killed almost as much as John does(but not quite as often as the smurfs). Overall, Santa and Mathsman show an extreme disdain for the IMP, as stated in the 3rd Christmas special.
Villains in IMP

All the IMP villains from left to right: Bush, Blair, Santa, Mathsman, Smurf