John The Hedgehog

John the Hedgehog, A.K.A. John Freeman, is a blue hedgehog with red stripes around his quills, who comes back to life every time he dies. He is the most tortured member of IMP.


Before joining the IMP, John was a normal, average hedgehog, when he saw who what looked like a red chaos emerald one day and touched it, giving him the the ability to come back to life every time he died.

In IMP Episode 0, he was then eaten by man eating ice cream, and as a result, failed his school project (due to not having a chance to complete it before its due date. Whether he was kicked out of school or not is debatable, as he said 'Hey, I wanna join you guys!" and followed the IMP team, it was never actually found he was kicked out of school.

In IMP Episode 1, John reads a flyer that was put up in Itty City, where you can join the superhero team, International Moron Patrol. He never had an interview, but he was put on the team anyway.


While John's ability to essentially cheat death could make him a valuable member of the IMP, everyone else usually either kills him for no reason (because he'll just come back to life again) or pretends he doesn't exist. Due to the stupidity of the character (not the original character or the creator, just the way he is portrayed in the series) however, he isn't any more likely to realize his potential than anyone else. John is not a very strong fighter, which is outbalanced by his immortality.

John does however have a particular skill in flying, being able to fly from Itty City to Australia. He can control both helicopters and planes, but John said he doesn't have a pilot's license, so he seems to fly illegally. However, his license for that of having a helicopter is not mentioned.

Personality Edit

John is often seen as dim witted and overly cheerful. He is also not the brightest on the team.


From the first IMP episode to episode 29, John strongly resembled Sonic The Hedgehog, but with red stripes on his quills and a black t-shirt. From episode 30 onward, however, he was given a a new set of clothing, which consisted of a brown leather jacket and a pilot hat with goggles to make him look "less like a Sonic recolor."



  • Interesting, before he gained powers to resurrect himself when he dies, he wore a stained white t-shirt and a red cap