IMP Mini 9 is another short episode starring Ginny and Hhog at a salon with an unexpected guest, Bustin.


The story takes place at Smith's barber, where Hhog and Ginny await the chance to have a haircut. Ginny can't decide what kind of haircut to have when Bustin appears. After making a snarky comment about having a new face over a haircut, he takes off his hoody, and strikes a casual conversation with Hhog, curious on whether the team is still killing smurfs after all these years, when Bustin notices a robbery outside the barber shop. He says that the IMp is off duty so they can't help stop him, but Hhog does anyway, blasting a fireball out of his hands which strike the robber as well as Bustins hair. ginny prepares for her haircut, where an angry Bustin mutters that he was here first, but Ginny thinks he should let his hair cool off. Furious, Bustin proceeds to foil with Ginny's trip to the barber by flipping her catlogue of hairstyles to make the barber think she wants a outdated hairstyle, then replaces the shampoo with glue. Impressed with what he's done, he cuts part of her hair bald, and takes the scissors from the barber to do the same to Hhog, who quickly revives it. The two fight on, and Hhog gets a bucket of pink paint (?) thrown on his head, which is what causes him to try stopping the fight.

Back at the mansion, Bustin files a complaint to Roger about what Ginny and Hhog did to his hair, and he simply says "I don't notice anything different", as Bustin has his hoody up, so Roger can't tell.


  • This is the first time where Bustin is seen without his jacket on for much of the episode