IMP Mini 7 is an international episode where Ginny attempts to save an extinct species with Hhog and John's cooperation.


Ginny shoves Hentai Boy and Henrik off the couch, wanting to watch her favorite animal channel. She notices an animal species is endangered, and she tries convincing Hhog to take her to Australia. He feels uncomftorable about this, and he points out they know nothing about this animal. Meanwhile, Nhoff, Hhogs forgotten pet, does not want to be replaced, and decides to tag along with them to assault their plans. Ginny eventually convinces him and, before she leaves, steals Rogers wallet.

John flies them over to Australia, where Ginny gets a jeep for their exploration purposes. Nhoff shows himself, to Hhogs surprise, but it wasn't because he snuck into the jeep with him; He actually forgot Nhoff existed. Ironically, Hhog loses interest in his conversation with him and asks John if he can help with his plane.

On the jeep ride, Ginny reveals that she doesn't have a driving license, which freaks Hhog out. John says "Yeah, whatcha talking about Hhog?" and Hhog figures out that John doesn't have a pilots license, which makes him wonder how he is still alive.

Ginny crashes into a tree, and the three IMP members get out of the jeep.


  • This episode marks the return of Hhog's popular quote "It's time to barbeque!"
  • First episode where Nhoff has a significant role.