"Godspeed heroes. May your fate bring you much joy. I will never, ever forget you...Goodbye." -Police Officer

IMP Mini 4 stars the return of the police officer from past episodes.


The story begins with the unnamed police officer going into the IMP mansion, claiming he has a warrant. He's received reports of supernatural attacks and is looking for the suspect. Nobody fesses up, so the police officer "won't leave until he has his suspect."

Everybody ignores him, however, and moves on with their lives. The events that take place are as follows:

  • Toward the end of the night, Megalif is seen giving Brany piano lessons. Nhoff also makes a small cameo on the couch.
  • Everyone celebrates Hentai Boy's birthday, who is stripped naked. Zody, Tiffany, Henrik, and Ginny have displeased looks.
  • Mochi and Tiffany play a video game late at night.
  • This scene takes place during a later episode, 34. Mayleen is vacuuming when the doorbell goes off, irritating Roger since he can't focus on his work with all these "idiots banging on the doorbell all the time!"
  • It's Christmas, and Zody, dressed up like Santa, either marvels at a gift or gives it to someone else. John also comes in with baked cookies. Hentai Boy is behind war equipment, prepared for battle with a weapon.
  • Hhog, reading his book, comepletely ignores his dog Nhoffs request to give him a 'friendship hug."
  • Hentai Boy and Tiffany run from what strongly looks like a Death Star from Star Wars. An unfazed Henrik meanwhile watches TV.

The police officer takes off his shades, and says a heart filled speech about how his several months at the mansion changed him. Their friendship, warmth, and way of life has inspired him. He's touched and heart broken to leave, but the past few months have been highly cherishable, and with a final goodbye, leaves off into the streets, where the confused, irritated, and generally uncaring looking team watch after him as he goes off to the sunset. The animation ends with the following words:

"Enlightenment of the heart follows the darkest of strawberry pancakes. Never forget...never forget."


  • First episode where the police officer makes a more significant role.
  • It's unlikely the police officer will appear in another IMP episode again.
  • As mentioned earlier, much of this episode chronoloigcally takes place before, during, and after episode 34.