Title card for Episode 1.

Enter the Morons is the first episode of International Moron Patrol. It was first shown on Newgrounds on November 23, 2003.


Roger starts off the episode looking for a job. However, he fails at every job he attempts (chef, mannequin, fitness instructor, and laugh track operator). He soon realizes that the kind of job he needs is one where he can be his own boss. As if by fate, he notices a race about to begin. The prize: a mansion that is "the perfect place to start a group of heroes". Roger decides to enter the race.

Unfortunately, a few seconds into the race, Roger gets tired and falls to the ground. However, a skateboard is conveniently underneath him which, upon landing on it, propels him to the finish line and wins him the race, just barely defeating a competing smurf. He wins the mansion, but isn't sure what to do next.

Roger then decides to use the mansion to create a group of superheroes. He places an ad outside of his mansion, advertising interviews to be in his superhero team. Roger immediately accepts Bustin, Henrik, Zody, and Hentai Boy, who appear to be the only people who even showed up for the interviews. Hhog and John the Hedgehog are not seen being interviewed, but are seen in the group shot in the end, showing that they were accepted into the IMP team.


  • Interestingly, Zody is seen in a shot before the recruitment proces filming Roger.


IMP episode 1

IMP episode 1