Hentai boy is a member of the IMP and is also heavily perverted. He was killed by Santa Claus only to be brought back to life with the Bring Dead People Back To Life Machine.


Hentai Boy has short black hair, and on his eyes are what appear to be a wrestlers mask with a yellow rim. Since he died and came back to life, he gained devil horns on the head along with a tail. In later episodes of the series, Hentai Boy's hair became green.

Personality Edit

Hentai Boy is rather intelligent and very good at debating as seen when he competes with the LSU team. Hentai Boy as stated above is very perverted as seen as such when he complains that boobs disappeared in a Halloween special. Along with Henrik, he is a fan of My Little Pony. To add more to his perversion, he loves porn as his name states. He is romantically linked with Tiffany. Hentai Boy also seems to have a rational point of view on things, as seen when he competes with the LSU team on religion, which the LSU wins because of a loophole.

Voice Actor Edit

  • Himself
  • Roger (In Episode 6)