About HenrikEdit

Henrik is the one of the 3 characters in the team IMP besides Roger and Hentai Boy that is actually human. He has the power of morphing, and he is in a relationship with Meglif. He is the only character that has originated from a different country, being Swedish. As Henrik has invented many objects with usefulness, as well as a Ei-Ka, it can be implied that Henrik is rather intelligent.

Personality Edit

Henrik is very intellectual and seems to have a liking for unhealthy foods, but does not seem to be affected by health issues and is not as overweight as Roger. His relationship with Meglif seems to be rather complicated, possibly even abusive. Henrik seems to be a bit reluctant when people tell him to do things, only doing so when he is threatened.

Stuff Henrik's doneEdit

In one of the episodes, Meglif told him to join villain school, and he tried becoming a villain, but since he wasn't allowed to eat, win against heroes, or successfully get a girl, he left villain school.

He saves people's lives by shapeshifting into a pillow, and he has morphed into a car to help HHog and Zody go after icecream.