"It's time to barbeque!" -IMP Episode 28

H Hog is one of the original members of IMP.


H Hog is easily the most sane of the IMP members, as well as one of the friendliest.


H Hog is orange, with a capital H on his chest. He is normally seen wearing a cap of some sort.

Powers/Abilities Edit

H Hog has the power to manipulate fire, being the fire god. H Hog keeps a many cows in his pants from the people who tried to please him as he is the fire god. In the IMP Episode 0/Pilot, H Hog is shown to have lived in hell, suggesting he was once dead.


  • H Hog is Sonic's great great cousin twice removed mother's brother's step-brother's cousin's half-sister's college room mate's mother's uncle's nextdoor neighbour's third cousin's sister's gynecologist.

"So we're practically family!" --H Hog

H Hog