About GinnyEdit

She is a gray Fennec fox, one of the females of IMP, and is in love with H Hog. She made puppets for H Hog before, and her father ripped one of H Hog's puppets, which Ginny made for him, and then H Hog lost it, and killed the parents. She thought it was cool that he did it.

Personality Edit

Ginny is very self-conscious with her appearance. Her love for H Hog is very strong, being heavily attached when H Hog first saved her from a criminal. As seen in an IMP intro when she jumps in front of H Hog, it can be assumed that she loves having a spotlight.



Voice actingEdit

Like all the female characters, Ginny was voiced by either Roger or H-Hog with high pitch programmed, but as the series went on, she began to sound more like a proper female character. 

She is currently being voiced by Silk (Molly).