Villains in IMP

All the IMP villains from left to right: Bush, Blair, Santa, Mathsman, Smurf

Tony Blair and George W. Bush are recccuring villains in the IMP series, and the villains that appear a lot, but not as much as Santa Claus does.

About Blair and BushEdit

Tony Blair and George W. Bush are real people, Blair was the prime minister of England, and Bush was the president of the United States from 2001-2008. The characters are always in battles with IMP, like when they stole the keys to Bustin's shed, which had his porn stash. In Episode 30 (Season 4 Episode 1), Roger took notice that Bush would be succeeded by Barack Obama. In the beginning of Episode 30, Blair and Bush are playing video games, while the general tells them to get out of the White House because Obama is coming, but they want to keep playing their video games, when the TV is broken, Bush goes outside because he is bored along with Blair and are locked out.


George Bush is all excited, and he is a Texan stereotype in this series, while Tony Blair is completely insane and yelling in a high pitched voice, maniacally laughing frequently. They also appeared in Sonic Movie Madness, another series created by Roger, and Bush used Blair as a sword.

Bush and Blair

Bush and Blair driving a tank